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Adorable Marvie...

Marvie's mum discovered her love for bunnies after visiting a rabbit cafe in Japan & she fell in love with these creatures.

Once home in Australia, after searching she found The Rabbit Sanctuary. After walking around the pens she spotted Marvie. She picked him up, he snuggled into her neck & gave her the softest, sweetest kisses.  And just like that, she knew it was love!

One big problem: she lived in QLD!

Despite the silly laws standing in her way, she knew they belonged together so for 2 months she anxiously waited the approval of a rabbit licence. For 2 months she made the 8 hour round-trip every week to give him cuddles until he could go home with her!

In the past year, Marvie brought so much happiness to her life & everyone who met Marvie adored him.  He would brighten even the darkest of days.

But then Marvie fell ill & after 8 trips to the vet & 2 operations she had to let Marvie go.  It was the hardest day of her life.

"Marvie, I love you more than anything & I'll miss you more than you can ever imagine.  I will remember you as the kindest, most affectionate & loving creature I have ever met.  I will remember our special bond & how lucky I am to have had you in my life".

Marvie spent the best year of his life with his mum.

Sweet Binkies over the Rainbow Bridge Marvie x

Erik's Journey

Erik was adopted in 2016 from The Rabbit Sanctuary.  They thought he had a broken leg but once an exotic vet assessed him, it was discovered he had a congenital musculoskeletal condition.  His condition was managed until January 2018 when he had a massive inguinal hernia.

Another assessment of his legs & the affected one had to amputated. He had 2 massive operations in one day!

Fast-forward to now & he is doing amazingly!   He has adapted to life with 3 legs so well.  He's so amazing & such a happy little bun!


Even though we see a lot of rabbit cruelty & rabbit neglect, there is always a positive side to what we do.  Stay tuned to hear the beautiful story of:

'Mad Barry'

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