Setting up my rabbit pen

Now it's getting really exciting!

It's time to set up your new rabbit pen indoors so they are happy, healthy & can live a long life free of mozzies, flies & predators.

Whether its a rabbit pen, rabbit house or rabbit cage - you need to ensure they have enough room to exercise & play!

We can't give a bunny a new home unless we are sure they have everything they need.

Before completing your online application, download our Adoption Planner.

Adoption Planner

Adoption Planner (pdf)


Our Final Tips

1. Make sure everyone in the household is prepared


Everyone needs to be aware of their responsibilities so the rabbit doesn't end up with an empty water bowl, matted fur or vaccinations being missed.  They are delicate & need special care & attention.

2. Rabbit-proof your home


Rabbits are curious creatures & like nothing more than getting into mischief! Take a walk around your home & check for cords, poisonous plants etc... to ensure both your home & your bunny will be safe.

3. Give your new bunny 10+ days to settle in


Take things slow & give your bunny the love & support it needs.  Being in a strange new place can be stressful.  They will come to you in their own time.

4. Be patient & persistent


Making new human friends takes time & its the same for our bunnies.  You need to gain their trust & then you will be friends for life.

5. Consider more than one rabbit


Like humans, rabbits require exercise, mental stimulation & social interaction. Having two bunnies is a wonderful way to provide them with it all.  Ask us about our effective Bonding Program.

Help Save Our Bunnies

Your donation will be used to provide over 1000 rabbits each year with essential veterinary care & everything they need to live a safe & happy life.

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